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​Laser Tag

​What is Laser Tag?????

A game of laser tag will last Approx. 20 min.

Games will start every 20 minutes. Game 1 (On the hour) Game 2 (20 after the hour) Game 3 (40 after the hour)

Each group will start by entering the briefing room where they will be briefed on the rules of play.  This will last about 3 minutes.

Then the group will enter the vesting room where they will suit up with a 4 pound vest with 15 sensors on it and lots of lights.  You are also given a 2 pound gun that is securely attached to the suite. 

Everyone enters the arena and shoots lasers at each other until the end of play.  The person with the most hits wins the match.

If you want to attempt some more advanced games become a member and enjoy different challenges every time you come to He Hu Darz. 

Arena-X Laser Tag combines the traditional laser tag arena with a role playing option for Members. Arena-X allows a single user to play against the arena, or you can bring a group and tackle a mission.  

The arena is a 4000 Sq ft and filled with many obstacles and challenges.  

Our vests are state of the art quality and are ready at all times with the new wireless charging racks being used.

All equipment is cleaned and sanitized after every use and friendly play is controlled inside the arena.

With a monitoring ref, there will be fair play throughout the arena, thus allowing everyone the ability to enjoy themselves.

With a light haze and new LED phasers you will enjoy yourself as you are captivated by the lights and sounds of the upgraded vests and arena layout.

There are three large screens that will showcase all scores of the people in the arena.
Briefing Room
Vesting Room