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Middlesboro KY 40965
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 Membership Store Benefits 

    •Laser Tag
        1.$1 off all games
        2.Half Price games on 

    •Coffee Shop
        1.Every 10th cup is free
        2.Half Price on Mondays

    •Food Court
        1.Free Brownie with Meal 
            Purchase (Sandwich 
            and drink)
        2.10% discount on Mondays 

    •Bounce House
        1.Buy one get one free on 
    Membership Game Benefits

    1.  Custom Code Name

    2.  ***Game Modes***

    3.  Scoring update

    4.  Upgraded weapons

    5.  Mission Play

    6.  Prize Earnings

    7.  Members night only play

    8.  After Hours play

    9.  Tournament Play

    10. Personalized Colors

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